Advantages and Benefits

The advantages of AMICUS “Working with Management” programmes:

  • We work with you to resolve specific issues
  • We diagnose the problems and create solutions
  • We work with you to develop, plan and implement solutions and identify learning opportunities
  • We continue working with you to manage the change and to re-train staff.
  • Training is specific to bedding in the solution, meeting your company needs and the learning capabilities of the staff involved and can be given one-on-one or as a group
  • We realise that we all learn at different paces and consequently we will provide personal coaching and refresher training if necessary

and finally

  • We can offer assessment and qualification of staff as testimony to the success of the change giving the Company reassurance that accredited staff are functioning in critical positions. For your people, the qualification demonstrates that you care about their development.  It is a worthwhile qualification to aim for and gives them confidence and a credibility that galvanizes them into action and improves team work.